Who We Are

With our union, we've won major improvements in our pay, benefits and working conditions. Click here to read more...

We are UCATS Local 3882, NYSUT, AFT, AFL-CIO, representing over 1500 clerical and technical workers at New York University. We negotiate a contract for all Code 106/116 and 104/114 workers. We organized our union in 1979 and have made tremendous gains in our contract and in the daily lives of the staff we represent.

What's In a Name?

You may have noticed the initials after our name, Local 3882. We are members of the New York State United Teachers representing 480,000 people who work in New York's schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities. NYSUT is a federation of more than 900 local unions, each representing its own members. We are also a member of the American Federation of Teachers, representing AFT 1.2 million members across the country as well as a member of the AFL-CIO, representing 14 million members across the country. Being part of a larger labor movement gives us a louder voice in organizing.

What do we stand for?

UCATS Local 3882 has a long history of fighting for worker's rights. These rights include the right to a safe, respectful, non-discriminatory workplace, the right to a fair and equitable wage, the right to health care and job security, and the right to fair representation and due process.

UCATS Local 3882 is self-governing. Our officers and stewards are all volunteers and are elected by members and serve on the Executive Council, which is the decision making body of the local. Our union is truly made by and for its members so that we may truly reflect our aspiration for our families and communities.

UCATS Local 3882 is committed to all workers who fight for a voice in the work place and reach out to other unions and groups that fight for justice, peace, and equality.

UCATS Local 3882 believes in the value of each individual to better themselves and their world through collective action.