Training/Appendix D

As per the contract between the University and the Union of Clerical, Administrative, & Technical Staff, Local 3882, Appendix D (non-credit courses for which NYU will reimburse UCATS members the 20% tuition payment upon successful completion of the course) has been revised for the summer 2012 semester to reflect current course offerings and interests expressed by the union membership.

Appendix D
Summer 2012

Basic Skills

  • WRIT1-CE9062 Writing on the Job
  • WRIT1-CE9050 Mastering Correct English
  • TPGP1-CE9131 Math Review for GRE/GMAT

Graduate School Preparation

  • TPGP1-CE9117 LSAT Preparation
  • TPGP1-CE9116 GMAT Preparation
  • TPGP1-CE9115 GRE Preparation

Job Advancement/Career Change

  • CELP1-CE9065 Career Changing in Your 20's & 30's
  • CELP1-CE9070 Career Change for Ages 40+
  • CPDC1-CE9571 Career Planning and Development
    Throughout Working Life

IT Skills

  • PHTG1-CE9223 Color Systems
  • PHTG1-CE9003 Photoshop 1: Foundations
    Prerequisite: PHTG1-CE9223 Color Systems
  • GDES1-CE9101 InDesign 1: Foundations
    Prerequisite: PHTG1-CE9223 Color Systems