Officers and Stewards FAQ


Why do members become stewards?

Being a Union Shop Steward is very rewarding! Some of the benefits of being a shop steward:

  • Getting to know union members from across the university
  • Access to training and leadership development skills
  • Bringing members concerns to the attention of the entire union
  • Getting paid release time from the University for union business
  • Attendance at local, state and national conventions and conference (not mandatory, but fun!)
  • Sitting on the Union Executive Council and being involved in important decision-making

How do stewards know what to do, and does it take up a lot of time?

Much of the work of the Union takes place during lunch hours. Also, Stewards and Officers get release time from NYU for Executive Council meetings and grievances. We have steward trainings at the beginning of your terms and throughout the course of the two years you will serve. In addition, Local 3882 Organizers and veteran stewards and officers will work with you.

What are the general responsibilities of stewards?

Stewards represent members from their areas, with a ratio of about 50 members per each steward. Stewards are responsible for signing up new members, organizing members in their areas around issues of importance, and handling grievances, along with the Organizers. Grievances are violations of the Union contract - there are few grievances at NYU because problems are often solved before they reach that level. Stewards help with the general work of the union - participating on committees, organizing mailings and often are on the Union's negotiating committee.

Feedback from current stewards is unanimous - you really learn a lot and grow from being a steward. You work with other employees, learn how to negotiate with management and are able to use your creative side (if you want to) in helping develop union campaigns, through literature, buttons and outreach.

What are the roles of Local 3882 officers?

All Officer positions are also open during elections. Officers also help with and coordinate the general work of the union and receive many training opportunities, as mentioned above in relation to stewards. In addition, Local 3882 Officers have many constitutional responsibilities, some of which are listed below:

  • The President is the chief executive officer of the Union. S/he presides at the meetings of the Executive Council and general membership and shall report to the membership on the actions of the Executive Council. S/he administers policy established by the Executive Council and the general membership. The President shall propose a budget to the Executive Council and will be spokesperson for the Union.
  • The two Vice Presidents assume the duties and responsibilities of the President in his/her absence and perform other such duties as the President may designate.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for the accurate keeping of financial records and approving financial transactions.
  • The Secretary is responsible for the minutes of the Executive Council and general membership meetings. S/he supervises the dissemination of information to the membership; conducts the correspondence of the Union, and supervises files and non-financial records.

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